Heike Roesel

After graduating in Fine Art Printmaking BA (hons) from the University of Brighton in 1996, Heike has been living and working with her family in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France and the US as a Fine Art Printmaker and watercolour artist, with Brighton, UK, as her premier location and home.


Over the years she has worked in different printmaking studios in Brighton, North Star Studios and Brighton Independent Printmaking, helping with the running of those studios and teaching lithography printing. At the same time, Heike developed her own work in the medium of traditional etching, beginning to create imaginative playful imagery on large irregular shaped etching plates.


From 2009 onwards she has been developing acrylic resist etching techniques and using them in her own artistic practice. Heike runs regular weekend courses in her studio Brighton Etch teaching this alternative etching process. Her prints could be described as colourful, semi-abstract and imaginative worlds in their own right. 


She tells us “I create those dynamic images by mixing together stories and anecdotes with landmarks, shapes, form and colour as much as events of every-day life.              Living in Brighton and the landscape surrounding the city are a constant sources of ideas and inspiration. With my etchings, I hope to inspire the viewer’s imagination, so that they can discover their own individual narrative in my prints. I wish to send people's minds on a joyful journey, discovering new aspects in my prints every time they look.”