Rebecca Denton


Rebecca Denton, BA Hons, is a London based painter and printmaker.

Working exclusively from her imagination and sketches, she combines fresh ideas with ancient techniques, producing work that is both contemporary and unique.


With a background in Performing Arts, Rebecca has translated her love of storytelling into printmaking, creating whimsical and dreamy narratives; conceptual images where imaginary characters inhabit magical settings.

Rebecca's preferred technique is etching, however she also enjoys the spontaneity, light effects and movement she can achieve with monotypes.


"I love it when a person connects with my work, when they get lost in the image, carried back to their childhood or feel inspired"


Rebecca exhibits widely in the UK, has prints archived in London's Victoria & Albert museum and her work continues to be sold globally.

Recent exhibitions include:

2021 March, 'In Print', Watts Contemporary Gallery, Guildford

2020 November, ING Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries

2020 July/August, 'A Thousand Words', Masham Gallery, Yorkshire

2020 March, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

2020 Feb, 'Time', Highgate Literary and Scientific Institute

2020 Jan-March, The Great Print Exhibition, Rheged Centre, Penrith

2019 Sept, National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London

2019 March, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea

2019 March, Printmakers Council exhibition 'Journeys', London Print Studio

2018 Aug-Nov, Printmakers Council 'Memory' exhibition Royal Over-Seas League, London

2018 March/May, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea/Hampstead

2017 Sept, National Original Print Exhibition, Bankside Gallery, London

2017 March, 'Lasting Impressions', Scarborough Museum

2017 Feb, 'Limited Editions', The Oxo Tower, London

2016 Sept, 'In Two Parts', Lombard Street Gallery, Margate

2014/2016/2019 Selected/shortlisted Royal Academy Summer Exhibition