'The natural world re-interpreted through colour and mark making is what drives the work. Water and reflections, strong contrasts, movement of light and shadow, plants and sky, all these details can catch my eye and emerge in the work in an abstracted form. 

Once in the studio the materials and process takes over.  I primarily use a screenprinting press to make the work. Every piece is unique and built up over time, and each layer that is added needs to dry before the next is applied.. I paint directly onto an open mesh silkscreen then use a squeegee to pull through the colour. I may also use marks and details that I have drawn and transferred photographically onto a screen. Working like this gives me scope to explore each piece individually and respond to it as I go along.

For me, the joy of using these printmaking techniques is about the particular qualities they offer. There are certain constraints and processes that can sometimes be arduous and frustrating. However unexpected things happen which add to the element of surprise and discovery, and push the work forward in new ways. There is always the interplay of chance and control which keeps things fresh and interesting.


Jenny Morse studied at Falmouth College of Art and the Royal College of Art.
She now focuses on multi-layered one -off screenprinted paintings. Colour, mark-making, freedom of expression and experimentation are central to the work.

What interests her most is how abstract work can convey personal meaning and evoke particular memories and reactions.


Artist Network Member at Royal West of England Academy


2003 - 2005 Royal College of Art, London (Printmaking MA)                          

2000 - 2003 Falmouth College of Art (First Class BA Hons)   


Prizes and Awards

 2011   A4 International Print Competition (runner up)                                    

2005 Man Group Drawing Prize, Royal College of Art (runner up)      

2004 The Zenith Purchase Prize, Originals 04, Mall Gallery                                          2004 Easyart Prize, Originals 04, Mall Gallery   

2004 Student Prize, Open Print, Royal West of England Academy