Annie Rouse


Home and garden are mostly the subjects for my paintings.  They are the things that surround me.  These things I am most familiar from the garden, fruit from the kitchen table, crockery from the cupboards.


Sometimes a foray to the meadow or the sea, will take me in a different direction. Whatever inspires me.  But what most excites me most, is my love of materials and texture.  Using plaster and gesso, thick, thick oil paint, black charcoal and  hard shellac, soft crumbly pastels, waxy oil crayons.

I often abandon my paintbrushes and just use my fingers! 

Scratching, smudging, rubbing. Real hands on stuff.

I have exhibited the length and breadth of England and Scotland, plus  Paris, Amsterdam and Singapore.
I have  also shown at the Royal Academy of Arts summer Exhibition several times and chosen for the The Discerning Eye  and other exhibitions at the Mall Galleries  London. I work daily from my studio in southwest London.