Dan Parry-Jones' recent work is truly mixed media in its construction. Using a palette knife to create textured, semi-abstracted backgrounds, the artist then creates even more texture by scratching into the resulting surface.

The foreground details tend to be more graphic, employing both illustrative and screen printing techniques, and it is this contrast between rough, original surface and repeatable detail that have sparked comparisons with street artists such as Banksy. 


Bristol based artist Dan Parry-Jones initially trained in Illustration and Graphic Design, before turning to painting in 2008. Working from his studio in Bristol, Dan produces expressive mixed media landscapes, taking inspiration from his urban surroundings, the southwest coast and travels abroad. His increasingly abstract backgrounds are constructed with a heavily textured, impasto technique in acrylics and oils with added typography, collage and silkscreen elements.

His work has been widely exhibited at major art fairs and gallery shows in Europe, Asia and the USA.

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