Haus of Lucy


Her recent limited edition print series appropriates the classic, antiquated landscape painting: steering away from the iconic work of the masters, Bryant favours the unloved and the unknown, those skilled pastiches of a Turner or a Constable, that fill the tables of junk shops.


Onto these, Bryant has added anachronistic motifs to create a jarring and unexpected end result: is that an easyJet plane, gliding through a fifthteenth century sunset? And what's that Shell Oil truck doing in the middle of a nineteenth century pastoral scene? Bryant's work is brilliantly humorous and refreshing, and leaves us to ponder the true character of art in the twenty-first century.




Lucy Bryant has been a graphic designer since graduating, working as a magazine designer on titles such as Heat and Closer. She dipped her toe into the world of art in 2017 as a reaction to feeling creatively stifled and became a full time artist.


Since then, Lucy has been working on pieces which reflect our everyday lives of during this Very Strange Time. Her latest collection includes figurines working from home, taking Zoom calls, panic buying, having Netflix Binges and even home DJ sessions. 


"When I work on a figurine, it's very much chicken or egg. I can look at the figure and an idea pops into my head immediately, OR I can have an idea and then need to source the perfect figurine. When I was working on the panic buying figurines, I had to look for men and women who were seated so I could place goods around them, and preferably with a hand available for me to pop a bottle of Dettol into. I then set to work making all the tiny items of food and loo rolls. Some items I sourced from dolls house suppliers but wherever possible I made them myself from polymer clay. I am currently working on a girl who will be transformed into a skateboarder so I have made her a hoodie and t-shirt from polymer clay and used a toy skateboard which I have painted and covered in tiny skate stickers."


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