Charlotte Hardy is inspired by her love of pattern and decoration.

References include interiors, cafes, shop displays, flowers and plants. Her work is both loosely expressive and closely observed. The work has a whimsical quality to it and a delightful richness.


Charlotte Studied at Winchester School of Art before graduating with a first class honours in Textile Design from Manchester Metropolitan University.

She has since worked as an artist and illustrator of editorial content and book covers. Her work has been exhibited nationally and printed as stationary internationally.


"Charlotte's background in textile design is unmistakable in her sense of composition and her focus on the decorative elements of her paintings, lending them a certain ornamental flatness and refining the shapes into a subtle pattern. An elegant colour pattern, often in rich blues and greys with splashes of vivid colour, makes for exquisite artworks, strikingly graceful and with distinctive style." S Wiseman.