Bright, bold and impactful.

I have recently started painting a lot of banana plants. This started when another artist in my studio brought some Abyssinian banana plants in to store over the winter. I had one in my space and fell in love with it. The shape of the leaves, the way it grew etc.

I began to paint them in the summer when they started to grow again and now It’s become an obsession. I have recently been awarded Arts Council funding to continue this series and I’m now beginning to look into the banana plants history in relation to my Caribbean heritage.


I was born and raised in Leicester and went to Sheffield Hallam University to study contemporary Fine Art. I graduated in 2008 and moved back to Leicester where I have been painting ever since. I began working as an art teaching assistant in a SEBD (social and emotional behavioural difficulty) school to support my practise until I transitioned to full-time artist in 2019


I tend to roughly plan pieces out in my head. I don’t often stretch or do too much prep drawing. I like to go straight in with the paintbrush. I get my headphones on and a black coffee ready. I always paint standing up with the canvas on the wall. Throughout the day I’ll take photo of the pieces I’m working on then before I go bed I’ll look back through them. I find this helps see things from a different point of view.