My recent work focuses on a group of rhododendron bushes that were revealed when a new path was created in my local woods. It forms part of an ongoing series entitled ‘Into the Woods’ which is an offshoot of another series centred around local, military owned, heathland. In all the work I am looking at forms and man-made structures and pushing the images abstractly to create an all-over composition. The final  pieces are a result of trying out different materials and surfaces, including paper, silverpoint and embroidery. I like the interplay of a seemingly quick painted mark and the detailed intricate line of the pencil or silverpoint. The paint itself is an exercise in restraint to not add too much at this stage and retain a clean white background.


I was born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire and studied Fine Art, sculpture at Staffordshire University. After my degree I moved to London and was commissioned to paint murals for the Brockwell Lido. I have been painting and have remained in the Southeast ever since. I was able to leave my full time occupation in 2003 after gaining a series of commissions for a national bar and restaurant chain and have been a full time artist ever since, working to commission for several corporate and private clients as well as exhibiting in the UK and overseas at art fairs. I have a live/work studio in Farnham.