Jenny Fermor is a British artist living and working in Spain. 

Jenny graduated in Fine Art at Gloucestershire University in the UK where she specialised in sculpture. After moving to Madrid she rekindled her love of printmaking and painting, and eventually became a full-time artist.


Design and contrast are important elements in her landscape paintings, which are inspired by the atmosphere and light of her home town Madrid and it's surrounding countryside.  Jenny's work explores both abstract and representational elements, often using a contrast between loose, expressive paint and clean, controlled lines to create drama.


Whilst her paintings are not entirely abstract, she approaches them as a composition of abstract shapes and colours to create atmospheres, more than representation of a place.


In her latest series of work, Jenny explores the drama of light in urban spaces, inspired by sunlit street corners in her adopted home town of Madrid. This series of paintings celebrates the both the iconic backstreets of old Madrid and its more anonymous, modern neighbourhoods, utilising the contrast between loose painting and sharp, graphic edges, and of rich earth tones contrasting with pops of saturated colour.