Jenny Fermor



Jenny Fermor is a British artist living and working in Spain.

Design and contrast are important elements in her landscapes, which are inspired by the atmosphere and light of her home town Madrid and surrounding countryside.

Jenny's work explores both abstract and representational elements, often using a contrast between loose, expressive paint and clean, controlled lines to create drama.

"Whilst my paintings are not entirely abstract, I approach them as a composition of abstract shapes and colours and I try to create atmospheres more than representation of a place."




Jenny describes herself as an experimental painter and printmaker, and much of her work is mixed media. “I just love the process of making, the physicality of painting, drawing, rolling out inks. Letting myself be directed by the materials and how they react to one another. I often start out with a traditional painting or printmaking technique and then experiment with it, with textures, materials and palettes. I love the exchange between control and accident, and I flow with them until finally the piece emerges. I only plan a piece of work insofar as it gives me a starting point, the rest is driven by the process”. “My inspiration is light, how light quality and shadow transform a landscape and create an atmosphere. This is what I try to recreate in my work, rather than the representation of a place”. The basis for this body of work was a series of photos taken in the pine forests around the sierras of Madrid. These pieces explore landscapes through photography, and how filters and photographic effects change the atmosphere of a scene or landscape.