Janis Goodman


Janie Goodman has been working professionally as a printmaker for over 20 years creating etchings and aquatints, which reflect her architectural training and interest in the inner city and familiar parts of the countryside.



Janis' prints are preoccupied with the repetitive patterns formed by roofs, windows and chimney pots and how they contrast with the organic forms of plants and especially birds. She loves pattern but also finds great interest in the ways in which the repetition is interrupted. Her pictures are small narratives; illustrations in which different elements meet and interact. The choice of subject matter is often visceral – "I get a particular feeling that this is the view, the collection of shapes, which feels right and which I want to reassemble. reality in a single glance. I want my prints to illustrate a sideways glance at the world."


Much of Janis' work concerns places she know well, views she looks at constantly and which have become an integral part of her mind’s eye either where she lives, in Leeds, or places she visits frequently. Janis enjoys the act of repetition, she can get great pleasure and satisfaction from doing something again and again – but also likes to stop and reconfigure. "I am attracted to the unusual in the midst of the everyday. I try to avoid sentimentality but aim to focus on the quirky and the irregular."