Lana was born in the beautiful countryside of Western Ukraine and grew up on a farm.  She loves animals, the outdoors and the extraordinary beauty of nature from which she draws inspiration in producing her artworks.  One of her main passions is gardening and learning the amazing facts of plants and animals.


From an early age Lana was drawing and copying illustrations.  Her art teacher was impressed by her talent and encouraged her to train as an artist.  She went on to study artistic design leading to a career in interiors and education.  She now paints professionally.


Her artistic style has developed over the years and is also influenced by works of great masters she admires like Paul Cézanne and Claude Monet.  Her favoured medium is oil on canvas and Lana’s productions showcase distinctive bold strokes and bright colours.


When viewed up close the works display generous layers of paint forming beautiful images when you step away.  The paintings portray a delicate mix of pigments and a beautiful array of colours.  In using the palette knife as her preferred tool, every stroke is clearly defined making the pieces even more striking.


Lana now lives in Surrey and continues to produce works of art across themes.  Her bright and uplifting paintings are held in private collections and sell through Galleries all over the UK.