Chris Bramble


Chris brings together interest in the European sculptural tradition, and the love of African craftsmanship. Modelling and carving techniques are used to to create individuality in his figurative form.


Influenced by the people around him; their spirit and heartbeat are captured in his meditative process as he documents hidden aspects of today's black culture.

Born in London and brought up in Ipswich, Hastings and Glasgow, it was during college where Chris discovered his connection with clay as a medium for his art.

Specialising in ceramics, Chris graduated from The Glasgow School of Art where he developed an interest in European sculptors like Rodin as well as African craftsmanship. 

The contrast of African heritage and European upbringing lead to Chris's warm, contemporary style, combining African forms and culture with modern techniques.

In 1985, Chris moved to Zimbabwe where he was influenced by methods of colloquial stone sculpture; meeting local artists and attending workshops, he learned processes of carving serpentines and verdites and translated these new forms and techniques to his ceramic work. 

Returning to London and exhibiting sculptures, Chris set up his own studio in 1988 where he continues to run workshops in traditional ceramic craftsmanship and develop work alongside his daughter, Freya.



MA Design and Media Arts, University of Westminster

BA Hons. Art and Design (Ceramics), Glasgow School of Art

Exhibition Design Diploma, Hastings College