Derrick Ofosu Boateng is a fine art photographer and practitioner of an African Art movement that create through the lens of Hue-ism. Inspired by the richness of the African lifestyle, Boateng's contemporary photography aims to influence the world's perception of Africa and its art, often viewed through a limited lens in film and media. Through his art, Boateng is inspired to represent the colour beauty and visual poetry of everyday African culture, lifestyles and behaviors thereby changing the story that is told of Africa. Boateng believes that though taken in Ghana, the intimate images he captures are representation of life anywhere on the continent. In the global art industry, Africa is still underrepresented, and the artist strives to connect with an international audience through the reach of his photographic impact.



Peace is the waters of happiness we swim in
Peace is the greening optimism we grown ourselves with
Peace is our eyes sending us on a journey of beautiful blossom even in it's enclosure
We are our own light to behold
Our own esteem to uphold
Holding our confident heads up high
Giving our own dreams a chance to fly
Waving our deepest fears goodbye.

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