Tom's recent work is based on the rakish exploits of anthropomorphised Toby Jugs. 

It is their escapades and adventures which we are witness to,and Tom's humorous text accompanies each work giving the viewer a way into the story and each of Toby's roguish escapades.

Tom’s works are colourful, vibrant and fun-filled windows into a wonderful world of rambunctious characters, who we can join for just a little while……..  Here is the chance to forget, for a few moments, the restrictions and mundanity of 21st Century life and instead indulge in a little time travel and amusing frivolity.


Just peer a little closer - don't worry Toby won't see you - and  enter a world of the land-owning Toby gentry - too much money (but always an empty purse!), too reckless, too feckless, and not much in the way of common sense!  In these pictures we witness our loveable friends bumble and stumble their way through life, mainly from one misfortune to the next, and mainly in the presence of a bottle or three of port and a concubine or two! Silly old Tobys! 


With Tom's art, we often find ourselves accompanying a Toby on some dubious adventure, usually involving the rescue of a damsel in distress.  Toby, of course always behaves like the perfect gent and resolves the situation to his satisfaction, before retreating to a local hostelry to recount (and probably embellish) his tale of heroism to his chums.

Tom studied Fine Art at Worthing College of Art and then Central Saint Martins in the early 1980's. Since then he has continually developed his art and vision through various media and subjects

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