Original' means that a print is not multiplied from a photograph of an artwork.

We print the linocuts ourselves directly from the linoleum plates. Each single print is therefore different from others of that edition. And so is classed as an original.

We only use high quality ink and acid free printmaking paper which is then inked up with high quality ink before being run through a Harrild press in our Arncroach studio. 

This procedure is repeated for each colour.


The ceramic reliefs are made in editions of 50. The original design is carved in clay from which a moulding is made out of casting plaster. Slabs of soft clay are then pressed into the moulding to get an almost identical relief which gets signed, carefully dried and fired for the first time at a low temperature. Before a second firing at a higher temperature each relief is glazed by hand. All reliefs are frost proof and suitable for outside display.

Each is signed, has an edition number and a recessed hole in the back for hanging on a nail or a screw.


Hilke MacIntyre was born in Germany near the Danish border. She studied architecture at the College for Art & Design in Kiel and worked for various architects until she moved to Scotland in 1995. Since then she has focused on printmaking, ceramics and painting, combining a simplified figurative style with bold shapes, strong colours and abstract patterns. Her work is widely exhibited in galleries throughout Britain and her linocuts and woodcuts have been used for numerous illustrations.

She lives with her family in a small village near St Andrews.

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