When we consider the City we think about past and present, nature and culture, public and private. A city is known and unknown, real and imagined and perceived in a very unique and individual way to each of us.


Our only restriction is our freedom to imagine….



Alison Heath is a fine artist, art consultant and educator, working mainly in photographic Silkscreen and photographic processes. She has exhibited extensively since graduating from the Royal College of Art, including the Royal Academy of Arts, London and in Europe and the US.


Alison Heath has been pre-occupied with the City and our relationship to it for some time. In this investigation she explores how external factors dictate and alter our movement through a space, physical constraints such as architecture but also social attributes that's are inscribed onto our bodies; gender, class, race and sexuality. She leaves the constraints of reality and instead creates a city located in the geography of the imagination where rules can be broken and our only restriction is our freedom to imagine.


This body of work started during my Masters where I explored gendered space, examining a space that is masculine or feminine and if so how that space then alters our emotion when we are in it. This idea grew from the production of a map of a city, both a real city (the map was of the male and female named streets in central London) and a city located in the geography of the imagination, a city that represents something other but still holds a resemblance to reality. This idea continues to fascinate me and has evolved over the years examining different spaces and places.