Contemporary, vibrant and detailed...

As an artist I have always thought of myself as a tourist in London. Around every corner there is so much to see. It is like opening a treasure chest for me. The city is like a layer cake of architectural styles spanning centuries and combining old with contemporary next to each other, which I am still in awe and inspiration off.


Living in London I prefer to paint cityscapes rather than the countryside. Leave the pastoral scenes to the great masters and city scenes to urban based artists.


When I moved to the UK I studied Architecture at the University of Lincoln. I have always had a keen interest in architecture both historical and contemporary.

Hindsight does not necessarily lead to a greater wisdom. I still make mistakes; life is a learning process whether you are 20 or 80.

On reflection I have been fortunate getting a distinction degree in architecture and practices in the architecture firms. This gave me a good foundation in the principles of art and now I am transferring those skills into being a freelance artist.