Fiona Watson

Fiona Watson is a visual artist with a diverse body of work including printmaking, digital art, painting, photography, collage, filmmaking and land art all characterised by a whimsical but sometimes cynical playfulness.

My family are Scottish and I have lived in Scotland most of my life, but was born in Newfoundland and later lived  in Rhode Island, USA then London UK -  I can be Canadian, American , Scottish or English depending on who I'm talking to.  I studied Biological Sciences at Leicester University then edited medical journals for several years.  I studied printmaking at the Glasgow Print Studio.

My creative process ? Difficult to describe…..I just go with the flow, but I often make use of what is immediately around me.. Photography used to be a means to an end for use in painting and printmaking, but is now very important to me. - The immediacy of digital photography (particularly the LCD monitor on the back of the camera)  and Photoshop changed the way I work and see things.

In the lovely  Taiwanese film "A one and a Two" - the 8-yr-old  boy says to his dad "I can't see what you see and you can't see what I see, so how can I know what you see?"  His father gives him a camera and he starts to photograph ceilings, doorways and the backs of people's heads…to show people what they don't/won't/can't  see

So ultimately I'm trying to get people to see things the way I see them  or things they don't see or notice…The beauty of the ordinary mundane, overlooked. Chance and circumstance play a large role in what I photograph and paint - a lot of these things that I play with are immediately available- sticks, stones, bits of paper, ephemera -I just rearrange the pieces to draw attention to it.. But  I also try to leave a bit of space for the viewer to make it their own. On a typical day I will photograph stuff in the morning before going into the studio

I work in the Glasgow Print Studio with many other artists, so distracting them from working  is always entertaining. Just the act of going into the studio and seeing other artists working will usually spur me into action. If that doesn't work then it's trashy magazines, chocolate,  ironing and kittens on youtube

Happiness is .....  Ideas floating in out of the blue, working with other artists, gatherings of friends and family with good food and music, a new song,  sunny skies,  something from nothing, humor...