ALONG THE WAY - Daniel Ablitt : Solo exhibition from one of our most treasured artists

14 July - 1 September 2022

What a wonderful show and thank you to all who came along to see Dan's gorgeous work.
Many paintings have found new homes and there are still some beautiful works available

This body of work continues an exploration of the theme of being on a journey.
Experiencing the places and moments that stick in the memory and touch the soul.

When Daniel observes the landscape, he does not set out to record a likeness of a particular location, but rather seeks to engage with the profound effect it can have in experiencing it.

His paintings depict part-imagined places, and half remembered landscapes, captured mostly from his travel experiences and childhood. Often a narrative is alluded to but not fully explained. These suggested stories have an intimacy and warmth to them, drawing the viewer in.

During the painting process, he adds layer upon layer of glazes and washes, the pigment sinking into the surface, giving a heightened intensity of colour. His light brushwork bringing to life tiny details such as lanterns and starlight. The result being that each painting can be experienced as conversation of colour, light and form.

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