Pattern and line are a joy to me.

These works are hand printed on beautiful Ho Sho Japan paper in oil based black ink. Each one is a unique piece of art, they are printed by hand so there will be slight variations in the texture and depth of print. This is the charm as no two are the same. 

Initially I started these art works for the joy of drawing the glorious shapes of the female body. Each lady evoked a feeling in me and somehow, I could imagine these scenes around them, with botanical shapes and wild creatures. The plants and foliage in the pieces are taken from drawings made whilst on my travels in California.

I love the idea that there is a spirit in all of us that could take on an animal form. I can really relate to that feeling of enjoying your strengths but also knowing that sometimes they can be a hindrance. I find these pieces to convey both empowerment and vulnerability.


Once I am sure of my design I transfer it with tracing paper onto easycut lino. I then cut away the lines and spaces that I don't want to pick up ink with a set of very sharp tools. It is a long process but incredibly enjoyable!

Once finished, I ink up the lino and place the paper on top - rubbing the back with a roller. I then peel off the paper to reveal the design - which is a joy and always surprising.

Because they are all hand printed there will be variations in the texture and depth of the print, making each one unique.


I graduated from UWE in Bristol with an illustration degree 15 years ago and have been illustrating ever since. I regularly attend a local life drawing group which inspired me greatly for the We Are Shapes collection. When I am not printing, I am looking after my other master pieces - Albie and Eddie - and filling up sketch books with drawings and musings of the things around me.

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