Traveller's Tales - 2018
2nd June- 10th July 2018
Traveller's Tales; brimming with adventure and colour to transport you to another land! Our upcoming show 'Traveller's Tales' 2nd June - 10th July, narrates adventure, bursts of colour, creating exotic lands for you to transcend your home this summer!
Daniel Ablitt, Hester Berry , Emma Jackson , Jonathan Smith

Summer Escapes- 2018
14th July - 28th August 2018
Elaine Jones, Joanne Last , David Taylor

Best Sellers- 2018
1st September - 9th October 2018
A new collection of works by our best selling, most loved artists.
Hester Berry , Andrew Hood, Dan Parry Jones, Jonathan Pocock

Battersea Autumn Affordable Art Fair - 2018

Russell Frampton , Sam Gare , Jonathan Pocock, Catherine Rayner, Jonathan Smith, Celia Wilkinson

New York Autumn Affordable Art Fair - 2018

Daniel Ablitt, Erin Burns , Susie Nathanson , Jonathan Pocock

Abstract Art- 2018
13th October - 20th November 2018
Emma Davis , Sue England , Russell Frampton , Elaine Jones, Jonathan Pocock

Christmas Presents..... -2018
24th November - 23rd December 2018
Sam Gare , Catherine Rayner, Annie Rouse, Celia Wilkinson

Land, Sea and Sky - 2018
6th January- 20th February 2018
Come see gorgeous fresh land and seascape pieces to breathe life into your home for the start of the new year.
Emma Jackson

Our Animal Show - 2018
24th February- 10th April 2018
Our lovable animals of all shapes and sizes are here to make you smile!
Willem Mostert, Adam Oliver, Sonia Rollo, James Solly

Battersea Spring Affordable Art Fair 2018
8-11th March 2018
Alison Bell, Sue England , Jonathan Pocock, Marie Robinson, Lucie Sheridan, Bill Zima

New York Spring Affordable Art Fair 2018
21st-25th March 2018
Jane Denman , Russell Frampton , Clare Halifax, Andrew Hood, Emma Jackson , Adam Oliver, James Solly , Duncan Wade

Hampstead Affordable Art Fair 2018
10th-13th May 2018
Alison Bell, Hester Berry , Emma Jackson , Este MacLeod, Dan Parry Jones, Jonathan Pocock

Urban Art - 2018
14th April-29th June 2018
Clare Halifax, Emma Reynolds

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