Finders Keepers 2017
7th January - 13th February 2017
Artworks inspired by recycled materials and mixed media techniques
Alberto Fusco , Karen Jones, Mat Kemp , Dan Parry Jones, Jane Perkins, Maria Rivans

Affordable Art Fair Brussels 2017
16th-20th February 2017
Alison Bell, Alberto Fusco , Fran Giffard , Mat Kemp , Dan Parry Jones, Marie Robinson, Clare Trenchard, Hanne Winkler

The Grass Is Always Greener 2017
Opens Sat 18 Feb until 17 April
Featured the gallery's most favoured sea and landscape artists
Daniel Ablitt, Kate Evans, Joanne Last , Jonathan Pocock, Sarah Ross Thompson

Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring 2017
9th-12th March 2017
Amelia Anderson , Martin Grover, Alison Orchard , Lucie Sheridan, David Taylor, Hanne Winkler, Bill Zima

Affordable Art Fair New York 2017
29th March - 2nd April 2017
Alison Bell, Emma Davis , Martin Grover, Zara Merrick, Susie Nathanson , Adam Oliver, Duncan Wade , Michael Wallner

Smile and the World Smiles With You 2017
22 April until 29 May 2017
A joyful array of artworks to make you smile and remind you not to take life so seriously.
Lauren Baker , Adam Bridgland , Charlotte Farmer, Adam Oliver, Jane Ormes, Lucie Sheridan, Lesley Taylor

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2017
11th-14th May 2017
Daniel Ablitt, Emma Davis , Martin Grover, Mat Kemp , Zara Merrick, Dan Parry Jones, Jonathan Pocock, Lucie Sheridan, David Taylor, Duncan Wade

Sitting Pretty 2017
3rd June - 17th July
A simply stunning collection of still lives
Este MacLeod, Alan Newnham, Jonathan Pocock, Marie Robinson

There’s No Place Like Home 2017
22 July-4th September 2017
The gallery welcomes several local artists for our summer show.
Sam Gare , Martin Grover, Beth Horner , Margaret Knott, Susie Nathanson

21st Anniversary Exhibition 2017
Mid August to Mid September
Longstanding artists

Affordable Art Fair Bristol 2017

Concreate Jungles 2017
9 September until 13 November
Cityscapes from near and far

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2017

Affordable Art Fair Battersea, 19-23rd October 2016
19-23rd October 2016
Julia Adams , Monica Dixon , Virginia Dowe, Karen Jones, Margaret Knott, Susie Nathanson , Adam Oliver

Affordable Art Fair Battersea Autumn 18-22nd October 2017
18-22nd 2017
Affordable Art Fair Battersea Autumn

Contemporary Art Fair Edinburgh 2017
November 2017

Christmas Comes But Once A Year 2017
Opens 18th November
A delightful collection of works under £500 for the festive season.

A Whole New World, January- February 2016
9th January- 22nd February 2016
For our first exhibition this year we are delighted to be celebrating our mixed media artists in an array of colour.
Jane Perkins, Maria Rivans

Brussels Affordable Art Fair, February 25th-29th 2016
February 25th-29th 2016
Brussels Affordable Art Fair, February 25-29th 2016
Alison Bell, Adam Oliver, Jane Perkins

Just Around the Riverbend 27th February- 18th April 2016
27th February- 18th April 2016
Just Around the Riverbend awaits a glorious array of land and seascapes
Elaine Jones, Sarah Ross Thompson

Hakuna Matata, 23rd April-30th May 2016
23rd April-30th May
Hakuna Matata our highly popular animal show
Virginia Dowe, Olivia Ferrier, Fran Giffard , Adam Oliver, Helen Thorpe

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, 15-19th June 2016
15-19th June 2016
Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 15-19th June, Summer Fair
Alison Bell, Susie Nathanson , Alison Orchard

Treasures Untold, 4th June- 18th July
4th June-18th July 2016
Treasures Untold- our still life show, 4th June-18th July 2016
Julia Adams , Susie Nathanson , Vicky Oldfield, Marie Robinson, Annie Rouse

Be Our Guest, 30th July- 29th August 2016
30th July- 29th August 2016
Be Our Guest- let us serve you fresh artistic delights as we welcome five new artists into the gallery, 30th July-29th August.
Angela Hadrill , Cally Lathey , Emma Mower , Duncan Wade

Affordable Art Fair Bristol 8-11th September 2016
8-11th September 2016
Autumn Affordable Art Fair at Bristol 8-11th September 2016
Nadia Day , Louise O'Hara , Adam Oliver, Alison Orchard , Sarah Ross Thompson, Lucie Sheridan, Helen Thorpe, Lu West

Chim-Chim-In-Ey! 17th September- 7th November 2016
17th September- 7th November 2016
Travel across the rooftops of London and far away in our cityscapes show. Golly, what a sight!
Clare Halifax, Margaret Knott, Michael Wallner

Cambridge Contemporary 29th September- 2nd October 2016
29th September- 2nd October 2016
Autumn Contemporary art fair
Joanne Last , Alison Orchard , Sarah Ross Thompson, Clare Trenchard

Decrorex, 18th-21st September 2016
18th-21st September 2016
Decorex is a London Design Festival and one of the world's most important annual design events.
Clare Halifax, Elaine Jones, Adam Oliver, Alison Orchard , Sarah Ross Thompson, Lu West

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