Singapore Affordable Art Fair
12th-15th November
Sinapore Affordable Art Fair 12-15th November
Daniel Ablitt, Alison Bell, Graham Carter , Kim Clayton , Fran Giffard , Love Jordan , Zara Merrick, Adam Oliver, Jane Perkins, Maria Rivans

Christmas Crackers
7th November- 24th December
Our Christmas Show: Christmas Crackers 7th November-24th December
Daniel Ablitt, Caroline Barnes , Graham Carter , Kim Clayton , Charlotte Farmer, Anna Harley, Kip Kiratiburana , David Rhys Jones, Lucie Sheridan

Affordable Art Fair Summer Collection, Hampstead Heath
11-14th June 2015
Daniel Ablitt, Alison Bell, Patrick Edgeley, Martin Grover, Victoria Horkan, Este MacLeod, Dan Parry Jones, Jonathan Pocock, Marie Robinson, Clare Trenchard

Affordable Art Fair Battersea, Autumn
Affordable Art Fair Battersea, Autumn 2015
Isobelle Allan- Lowe , Caroline Barnes , Karen Jones, Margaret Knott, Joanne Last , Lee Mcarcathy , Vicky Oldfield, Jane Perkins, David Rhys Jones, Helen Thorpe

Affordable Art Fair Autumn Collection, Bristol
September 17th until 20th September 2015
Alison Bell, Susie Brooks, Adam Oliver, Alison Orchard , Marie Robinson, Sarah Ross Thompson, Lucie Sheridan, David Taylor, Helen Thorpe, Jane Wilson

People, Place, Purpose
5th September until 4th November
Themes of the City and its life.
Martin Grover, Clare Halifax, Andrew Hood, Margaret Knott, Natalie Rymer , Michael Wallner

Recent Graduates Summer Show
11th July- 2nd September
Courtney Heather , Maria Macc, Florence Mytum , George Rouy, Sam Rowley

Wet Yer' Whistle!
10 Jan until 4 Feb 2015
Our bright and cheery start to the year!

Views and Variations
14 Feb - 25 March 2015
Scapes of land and sea - Ahoy!
Daniel Ablitt, Isabelle Amante, Russell Frampton , Alison Orchard , Sarah Ross Thompson, David Taylor

Affordable Art Fair Spring Collection, Battersea Park
March 2015
Susie Brooks, Olivia Ferrier, Martin Grover, David Anthony Hall, Este MacLeod, Zara Merrick, Dan Parry Jones, Catherine Rayner, Marie Robinson, David Taylor

Fin Fur Feather
28 March - 29 April 2015
Artworks inspired by all things wild and wonderful
Joanne Cope, Olivia Ferrier, Zara Merrick, Adam Oliver, Catherine Rayner, Helen Thorpe

Affordable Art Fair New York Spring
25-29th March 2015
Alison Bell, Martin Grover, Jude Hart, Keith Haynes, Victoria Horkan, Zara Merrick, Adam Oliver, Dan Parry Jones, Teresa Pemberton, Maria Rivans

Thingamejigs & Thingimebobs
2 May until 24 June
For the love of objects and still lives
Este MacLeod, Barry Patterson, Teresa Pemberton, Marie Robinson, Annie Rouse, Fiona Scheibl, Sarah Simpson

Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
22 - 24 May 2015

Sensational Summer Show!
27 June - 2 September 2015
We’ll fill the gallery with sunshine and happy thoughts!

Affordable Art Fair Autumn Collection, Battersea Park
23 - 26 October

Affordable Art Fair, Singapore
19 - 23 November 2014.

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