Urban Art - 2018
14th April-29th June 2018
Clare Halifax, Dan Parry Jones, Keira Rathbone , Emma Reynolds

Hampstead Affordable Art Fair 2018
10th-13th May 2018
Daniel Ablitt, Alison Bell, Hester Berry , Elliot Channer , Emma Jackson , Este MacLeod, Zara Merrick, Dan Parry Jones, Jonathan Pocock, Clare Trenchard

Traveler's Tales - 2018
2nd June- 10th July 2018

Summer Escapes- 2018
14th July - 28th August 2018

Best Sellers- Meet the artists- 2018
1st September - 9th October 2018

Bristol Affordable Art Fair - 2018
September TBC

Abstract Art- 2018
13th October - 20th November 2018

Christmas Presents..... -2018
24th November - 24th December 2018

Land, Sea and Sky - 2018
6th January- 20th February 2018
Come see gorgeous fresh land and seascape pieces to breathe life into your home for the start of the new year.
Hester Berry , Emma Jackson , Alison Orchard , Jonathan Pocock

Our Animal Show - 2018
24th February- 10th April 2018
Our lovable animals of all shapes and sizes are here to make you smile!
Amelia Anderson , Lindsay McDonagh , Willem Mostert, Adam Oliver, Lara Roberts , Sonia Rollo, James Solly

Battersea Spring Affordable Art Fair 2018
8-11th March 2018
Amelia Anderson , Alison Bell, Sue England , Zara Merrick, Jonathan Pocock, Lara Roberts , Marie Robinson, Lucie Sheridan, Bill Zima

New York Spring Affordable Art Fair 2018
21st-25th March 2018
Daniel Ablitt, Jane Denman , Russell Frampton , Clare Halifax, Andrew Hood, Emma Jackson , Adam Oliver, Dan Parry Jones, James Solly , Duncan Wade

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