Andrew Hood - Solo Exhibition: Beauty in diversity and landscape

12 October - 19 November 2019

Andrew Hood is a Bristol based artist who was brought up in Edinburgh. He then moved to Manchester where he worked as a graphic designer until returning to fulltime education to study illustration at John Moores University Liverpool where he won the Liverpool Life Painting Open and Gorstella award for painting.


Since graduating he has worked mainly as a fine artist selling work throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. Andrew makes several trips abroad each year to gather references for his paintings. Recent journeys have taken him to Tuscany, the South of France, Morocco and Croatia. Whilst he enjoys working abroad he often looks for beauty within our own diverse and engaging landscape from the Scottish Highlands to the rugged Cornish coastline.




His new collection, in particular, has been inspired by his trips to and around India a few years ago. 


You’re currently making work based on a trip to India a few years back - what was it about this trip that has stayed with you and continues to inspire you?


I visited India a good while back now but the trip has always stayed with me. One reason being that it was the first time that I ever sketched from a high vantage point looking down at the landscape and passers by below. I was staying in Paharganj, New Delhi, a lively neighbourhood where the smell of incense and street food hangs heavy in the air. From the hotel roof you could see the labyrinth of narrow streets crammed full with shops overflowing with brightly coloured textiles, as well as the higgledy piggledy roof tops of the city and the surrounding district. It was a fantastic sight, especially at dusk. It’s one of the most incredible places in the world; non-stop bustle and excitement, and the intense colours and smells stay with you forever.


How are you approaching this new body of work? 


I have many sketches and photographs from my time in India that I am re-visiting now. I'm looking at creating new compositions and colour palettes and adding more abstract elements to the pieces. I've used some old photographs as a starting point for some of my new sketches, though this time I'm trying to rearrange certain elements, such as changing the perspective and composition. This in itself is quite a challenge.