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  • Answers from Isolation with Sam Gare

    Sam Gare and the Affordable Art Fair chat through creating work during the time of isolation...
    Answers from Isolation with Sam Gare

    In a series of Q&As from isolation, the Affordable Art Fair caught up with our artist and favourite, Sam Gare, part way through her 12 weeks of self-isolation, to hear all about how her artistic practice has begun to evolve during this unusual time.

  • Artist Insights: Dan Parry Jones

    We sat down with Dan in his studio to chat through his artistic processes, travel and finding inspiration in the everyday.
    by Kirstie Hardie
    Artist Insights: Dan Parry Jones

    Dan Parry-Jones' artworks are truly mixed media in their construction. Using a palette knife to create textured, semi-abstracted backgrounds, he then creates even more texture by scratching into the resulting surface. The foreground details tend to be more graphic, employing both illustrative and screen printing techniques which contrast with the rough, original surface and repeatable detail.


    We sat down with Dan to ask him about his most recent work and gain an insight into his day-to-day.

  • Artist Insights: Andrew Hood

    Learn more about Andrew's inspirations, practices and journey through art...
    Artist Insights: Andrew Hood

    We sat down with Andrew and asked him to tell us about his most recent collections, what advice he would give his younger self, and where he wants to see his work lead him in the future.